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Where are my Results??

Where are my results??

If you've been asking yourself this question, you are not alone.

Let me tell you my story on changing my body...

Two and a half years ago, I wanted to get serious about lowering my body fat percentage. I started at around 24% body fat which is a completely healthy body composition but wanted to challenge myself to do better. After playing soccer for my entire childhood, it instilled a competitive spirit in me. When there is an opportunity to push myself a little further, I will always take advantage of that and see what is possible.

By the third month, I was up to lifting two times per week and doing cardio intervals four times per week. With all of the exercise, I was also watching my food and making to sure to stick to what I thought was a healthy nutrition program. I was 100% committed to changing my body.

After all of this time doing the right thing, I was seeing a leaner body, right? Not quite. The changes were minor, at best. I had only lost 1% in body fat and the loss was nearly imperceptible to see on my body. I was completely devastated. After months of hustling to see changes, I had barely made a dent.

All I could think of is: "Where are my results??"

I learned a lot about myself and my training program during this time. My first step was to do more research about my training program to ensure that my workouts are as effective as possible. This one of the ways that I came up with the Body Fat Burn Program which has more weightlifting and less cardio. If you want to read more about my training program, head here.

I had done enough reading about the current exercise science to allow me to feel confident that I was on the right workout track. After the rework to my training program, I decided to let go of the outcome of these workouts. In my heart, I knew that I was becoming stronger, even if it was impossible to see in my body.

Six months later, I caught my backside in the mirror. I thought, "woah, my butt is looking really good." I paused in this moment and took a look at the rest of my body. My shoulders were looking more toned and my stomach was flatter. Once I finally stopped looking at myself in the mirror (this may have taken some time), I went to determine my body fat percentage. I had another amazing experience of seeing my body fat percentage sitting at a personal low of 20%.

I was finally getting the results that I had wanted! I was overcome with happiness and a feeling of success. It took me nine months to get to this place but it was definitely worth the wait.

Let's fast forward to today. After staying consistent with my workouts and nutrition program, I'm extremely proud to say that I'm 9% body fat down from my starting place two and a half years ago. More importantly, waiting for results has made me mentally and physically stronger. I can do a pull-up and I know how to not give up when there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are struggling to see changes in your body, I have two pieces of advice:

1. Rethink your training and nutrition program

2. Stay consistent and don't give up

I know how badly you want results now; I felt the same way. Prove to yourself how much you truly want to see a change but not throwing in the towel when you don't get immediate results. Your perseverance will pay off!

Thanks for reading!



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