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Meet our Team

Katie Monson, owner

Katie was born and raised in Orange County, California and spent her West Coast days enjoying the beach and playing lots of soccer. In 2008, she moved to Sonoma County to pursue her bachelor's degree in Biology and found a passion for the health and wellness industry. By 2011, Katie became both an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor and was managing both the Group Ex and Training Department at Sonoma State University. After moving to Charlottesville, Virginia in 2016, she decided to make her dream of creating her own studio a reality! Currently, she enjoys connecting with people at group training sessions, going for walks in town or hikes in nature, watching live music and spending time with her family.

Katie's training philosophy is centered around the idea of seeking progress, not perfection. "Little actions every day can create large change" is her strategy in helping people with behavior and physique change. She also believes in looking holistically at someone's life in order to seek improvements. She aims to help clients create balance within their lives, instead of unrelenting sacrifice to meet goals. 

The goals of Katie's training sessions are to help you feel stronger and more confident in your physique, and to connect you with others who help you on your fit journey. She will encourage you to do your best while giving you the space to work at your own pace. You can expect to leave her sessions feeling uplifted, successful and like you did more than what you could do on your own.

She looks forward to meeting you and helping you take one step closer to that fit version of yourself!

Matt Monson, owner

Matt was born in Charlottesville and grew up in South Carolina.  He moved back to Cville in 2010 and began his entrepreneurial career.  He owned a whole-grain bread bakery from 2011-2016, then helped open a brewery in Cville, managed a sandwich shop, and wrote recipes for an online meal planning service.  He started teaching Group Exercise in 2018, and then wanting to go further in the fitness industry, became a Trainer in 2019.


Matt brings high energy and excited passion to his workouts!  Living a “hard work, hard play” mentality, he wants to see you working at the peak of your own intensity level and then cool down with nonstop jokes.  His favorite muscle groups to target are the postural/stability muscles that plague every person who spends too much time sitting.  His job is complete when someone says, “I feel like my body just moves correctly now!”  He also enjoys intense, explosive power workouts that makes you feel accomplished and complete afterwards.


Matt is into nerd stuff like writing a great spreadsheet formula, or talking about fantasy and sci-fi, or just meticulously obsessing over the details of any hobby.  He plays guitar, brews beer, watercolor paints, and is struggling to learn how to golf as an adult.  He feels compelled to stay active all the time so bonus points if you ever actually see him sitting still.


Come find out why people say, “You’re the most energetic person I’ve ever met!”

Camille Thionville, trainer

Camille grew up on a rural farm in Orange County, Virginia.  She spent her childhood wandering the woods, befriending 4 (and 6) legged creatures, and practicing martial arts at the Laughing Dragon Kung Fu school.  Prior to Covid, she was studying Animal Behavior at the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine.  During that time, she became Balanced Athlete certified after discovering movement as a way to manage chronic joint and upper back pain.  In the summer of 2021, she was hired by The Living Earth School as a summer camp counselor and then full time homeschool instructor.  In the rekindling of her connection to nature, her movement practice started to evolve in new ways. 


In the Spring of 2023, Camille achieved a longtime goal of becoming a MovNat Certified Trainer.  She immediately began teaching Natural Movement conditioning and mobility classes in an outdoor, woodland gym.  Since then she has pursued a NASM certification and coached many people in developing their Natural Movement skills.  


Camille’s training philosophy is playfulness!  She believes all movement is good movement, and a little bit of movement more often is superior to a lot of movement infrequently.  Camille places a huge emphasis on the real world application of movements, and the importance of being able to move freely in as many positions as possible.  But, she believes that the most critical part of fitness is finding movement that makes one feel as though they are a child on a playground again.  Tapping into the laughter, silliness, experimentation, and curiosity that can come with a movement practice.


Most of Camille’s time is spent climbing trees, jumping from rock to rock, and vaulting logs, but she also enjoys weaving baskets, reading really nerdy books, and long nights by the campfire.  With an exhaustive amount of energy, Camille is always there to make things loud, goofy, and slightly chaotic!

Ellie Toth, trainer

Ellie grew up in Beverly Hills, Michigan.  She loves University of Michigan football, the Detroit Lions, and Northern Michigan summers.  Prior to moving to Charlottesville, she worked and lived in Washington, DC and then Ann Arbor, Michigan. 


Ellie is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.  In addition to teaching at Progress, she works in the career center at the Darden School of Business at UVA.  


Ellie fell in love with lifting weights at a studio in DC that mixed treadmill running with strength training.  Since then, she’s enjoyed improving her form and working new muscles.  She loves to run, but finds strength training to be a necessary complement to her cardio.  


Ellie’s workouts focus on full body exercises, with an emphasis on core.  Ellie’s philosophy is that a strong core leads to a strong body.  She loves Progress because of its commitment to community building and its wonderful members. 

Kala Curtis, trainer

Kala grew up just outside of the Charlottesville area in Orange County, where all the cows live. An athlete from a young age, she specialized in tennis, swim, and lifting.


Kala has adopted exercise as a holistic necessity to the everyday routine of life. We breathe to move, and move to breathe. Her upbeat and fun classes will push you to challenge yourself physically and mentally, as well as encourage your inner and outer confidence.  Each class is uniquely designed to foster optimum results and success in every workout.

Kala's philosophy is that we support and push each other as a team more than we thought possible on our own. Going outside of our comfort levels will help us grow stronger physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  Her teaching style incorporate these core ethics to challenge and build confidence for all fitness levels, and of course make you sweat, lift, and push more than you thought you could!


She loves a good HIIT workout and the very occasional half marathon. You can catch Kala biking on the mountain trails, hiking with her dog, enjoying time with friends, or traveling to other countries for volunteer projects. She has been an outdoors woman leading backpacking trips through the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah mountains. She is WFA (wilderness first aid) certified through NOLS and a certified Group Fitness Instructor through ACE.  Kala also works at Albemarle High as a teacher assistant in special education.

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