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CONFESSION: My most insecure body part...


I used to HATE my inner thighs.

I felt so... fat when I'd see my inner thighs touching in the mirror.

How is anyone going to trust me as a trainer when my thighs rub together?

Everyone is going to say, "what does that girl think she is doing giving people advice on how to get in shape when she's got big thighs?"

Once my thighs aren't touching, I'll be taken seriously in the fitness community and I won't feel so... fat.

After this wonderful self talk, I committed myself to achieving that "perfect" inner thigh gap.

I'll just do a little more cardio and these inner thigh exercises, then I will definitely get the legs of a fit professional. I know how to stay dedicated to a workout program! So, this won't be hard at all!

I tried for YEARS to make my inner thighs smaller.

I was up to five cycles classes per week plus a Pilates DVD at home to help lean and tone my legs. I tried EVERYTHING that I'd seen on Pinterest.

Yes, I was that girl on the floor doing those leg lifts many times per week.

But after all this time and effort, my thighs still touched. I felt fat, inadequate and like a fraud. I had become so frustrated and depressed with my body.

If I wanted something that badly and was working so hard to achieve it, then why wasn't I getting it?

Finally, I gave up and stopped obsessing about this elusive and unrealistic gap.

I looked in the mirror at my legs and accepted that my narrow hips would always make my thighs touch. I accepted that my inner thighs were actually strong and it was was muscle, not fat, that made them come together. I accepted that if a potential client judged me based on my inner thighs, they probably weren't a person that I wanted to work with anyways.

Accepting this "flaw" wasn't easy and took gradual mental steps. The process of giving up on my inner thighs took serious time. I'm an extremely goal oriented person and I couldn't rationalize not getting what I wanted. I couldn't understand that this could be out of my control.

But, now that I have forgiven my body for not being perfect, I feel strong, beautiful and proud to be in my skin. I honor the strength in my legs as positive qualities instead of areas for improvement.

A few years ago, I would NEVER post a picture that highlighted my legs touching.

I'm sharing my story with you so that you can let go of an unrealistic and unattainable physique goal. Even though I know this process will be difficult and not happen overnight.

It is better for your mental health to accept things that may not change and forgive yourself for your imperfections.

Change your focus to what your body CAN do and what areas of your body that you do LOVE!

If you know someone else who is struggling with any body insecurity, please share this with them!

Thank you so much reading!



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