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Get Your Cardio at Home | 6 HIIT No Equipment Workout Videos

To get a good cardio workout, you don't need a gym or equipment.

Use your body (and a lot of motivation), to burn body fat and get more toned at home.

Remember that not all cardio is the same!

Steady state cardio is great for your overall health. It will help you lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure while improving mood!

However, HIIT intervals are the best at increasing your metabolism and burning calories.

Read more about my reasons for HIIT cardio by clicking here.

To watch any of the videos I recommend, simply click on the video or title.

Send this list of cardio exercises to any one who you know is looking for a workout at home!

This Les Mills GRIT workout is a beast! I was dying to press the pause button after 10 minutes. Stick with it though! The segments make the workout go by quickly.

This guy is hilarious! I was laughing while I was sweating. It's a great workout as well but I always appreciate humor while I'm in agony.

A great workout for beginners or anyone with injuries! Trust me, you don't need to jump around in order to burn fat.

The background isn't as appealing to me but it is still a great workout! Simple, effective and quick.

I love how this video shows the beginner and advanced version of each move. I would recommend this if you are working out with few people of various fitness abilities.

One thing I like about this workout is how she varies from exercises on your hands to on your feet. Also, there isn't too much jumping so you can make sure those knees are safe.

If a 30 minute workout feels too challenging, only complete as many minutes of the video as you can handle today.

You can work up to more time as you become more conditioned.

To find out how often you should be completing HIIT cardio, read here.

Thanks for reading!



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