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Creating The Ultimate Home Gym Under $100 (less than a membership to a health club!)

My gym is going to hate me for saying this...

You don't need access to machines and other expensive workout equipment to get results.

In fact, the total cost of the items I'm showing could be the less than the price of a one month membership to a fitness club.

Before I started working at a health club, I never had a membership to a gym. Every night after work, I'd set up my equipment in the garage and get to work. I honestly used the equipment I've listed below to achieve a total body workout!

Working out at home with light, inexpensive equipment can help you gain muscle mass and lose body fat.

Keep in mind that you do need some equipment at home. Pure bodyweight exercises are only appropriate for true beginners or those not looking to change their body.

To create the Ultimate Home Gym for under $100, check out my options below. Click on the picture or title for a link to the products mentioned.

Resistance bands are extremely light, inexpensive and a good dupe for dumbbells. I love this set because you get removable handles, foot straps and a door anchor. You are able to get every single muscle on your body worked by adjusting what you have attached to the bands. This set comes with different levels of resistance which is key since each muscle tissue has its own level of strength.

Gliders are a common tool in my training program. They offer resistance through friction with the ground. A lunge or mountain climber is more difficult with gliders because you have to compete with the resistance of friction instead of moving easily through the air. Basically, you might not own heavy enough dumbbells to challenge your legs but gliders help give you more resistance with little cost.

A stability ball is another versatile and inexpensive piece of workout equipment. Used in the proper ways, I can give a client a full body workout using this ball. And you get to engage the core the entire time because you are unstable! However, size does matter with these balls. Let me list out the size you should buy based on your height: Below 5'4"-55cm; 5'4"-5'8"-65cm; 5'8"-6'-75cm; Above 6'-85cm.

I recommend having a heavy dumbbell around in case you want to do some explosive motions with weight. Examples would be snatches, swings or thrusts. Don't bother with the light dumbbells, that's why you got the resistance bands. When purchasing free weights, I'd recommend only buying the heaviest ones that you can use.

Let's breakdown the total cost of your Ultimate Home Gym:

Resistance Bands Set: $22.98

Gliders: $10.95

Stability Ball: $10.99-17.99

Heavy Dumbbell: $33.99

Total cost: $78.91-85.91

One item that I didn't mention is a mat. If you are looking to save some money, just pull out a beach towel instead of purchasing a fancy mat.

Even if you are a member of a gym, these items might be nice to have at home or to use for travel. They even make great gifts if you are looking to nudge someone in a healthier direction.

Also, have some other items that would be a great addition to a home gym but they are a little pricier. Please comment below if you would like me to post about more essential for a home gym!

Thank you so much for reading and please share this article with anyone else looking to build a better home gym!



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