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Food Journaling: Your Results Creator

Is your food getting you closer to results?

It's hard to say unless you write down what you are eating! There have been many meals or snacks that I've assumed were healthy choices that ended up being destructive to my goals. It's hard to know what is the right choice if you don't know what you are consuming! For all of my Body Fat Burn program clients, keeping a food journal is mandatory. Writing down what you eat is the first and most essential step to creating a healthier body.

My favorite food journal app and website is MyFitnessPal. You can get the upgraded version but the free version is enough to get started and get a clear picture of what you are eating.

During the day, log everything that you eat. Nothing should be missed. Even if it's as small as one Hershey Kiss. One of my clients likes to take a picture of everything she eats and then enters all her food at the end of the day. Use any strategy at your disposal but it needs to get done!

This process of logging everything you eat allows you to get a clear idea of the nutrients you are putting into your body. The phrase, "it sounds healthy" has been removed from me and my clients vernacular. Because we log our foods, we know if our foods are truly healthy, no assumptions here.

If you are serious about making a change, accept that you will need to log your foods to ensure that are giving you the results that you want!

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