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6 Products to Help You Go From Workout to Hang Out

Trying to transition from gym rat to social butterfly is tough!

If you're like me, you are constantly trying to coordinate your training schedule around your social calendar. Keeping up with your workouts while not missing out on events is a delicate balance. And sometimes, you gotta exercise right before going out with friends.

Because I spend my life at the gym, I thought I would share some of my products and tips to transition from workout to hang out!

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You need a good dry shampoo. Washing and redoing your hair right before an event is a serious time killer. One trick that I have for dry shampoo: put it in before your workout. You may have to apply more after the workout but having some powder down first to absorb sweat will save you a lot of time!

I've tried SEVERAL dry shampoos and this one is my favorite. They do have an option for brunettes but I think the white powder really goes away after you rub it in. And I have some of the darkest hair! DryBar also has a travel size if you want to keep it in your gym bag.

This is the best waterproof mascara because it's like no other kind of mascara! I like to put on mascara during the day but it will NOT rub off or smear during my workout. Rejoice for no more raccoon eyes! Instead of painting tint onto your lashes, this mascara puts "tubes" on your eyes. The only way to get this product off is with warm water and a gentle pull on the tips of your lashes. When taking it off, it looks like you are pulling off fake lashes. I LOVE this mascara because it's easy to remove like normal mascara but will not budge through a workout! It only comes off when you want it to! If I want wash my entire face and redo my mascara, I can pull off the "tubes" without needing make-up remover. Then reapply and I'm off.

After a workout, I am trying to cut as much of my prep time as possible. This product makes getting ready so quick and easy. I will cleanse my face either in the shower or sink. Then I will rub this into my skin using my fingers. Because this product will moisturize, build coverage and protect my skin with built in SPF, it speeds up my make-up process. I go for the oil-free version since I'm usually still sweating after a workout. Don't judge me. I get really sweaty.

This is another favorite multi-use product of mine. Nothing like a little lip color to make your hang out look seem more polished. I love this lip treatment/balm because it packs a punch with color but is also very moisturizing. And it's got SPF so another win for skin protection! They have a bunch of colors but I like to go with Petal for a natural look or Berry for a big pop of color.

Someone told me that people with high metabolisms have bad breath. I'm not sure if I completely believe that but all I know is, my breath isn't so great after a workout. Before meeting with people, I gotta give my freshen my breath. I like this cup because I can keep my toothbrush and toothpaste inside a portable case. I also like how I can open it up on a public surface and not worry about my toothbrush touching the counter.

Usually my heart rate and metabolism are still up even after my workout is complete. This means I'm still sweating! After I've finished getting ready, I'll use these linen sheets to help absorb any oil or, let's be honest, sweat that I've accumulated. They really help you look less like a greasy gym rat! And I would know about that.

That is all six of my go to products that I use to transition from workout to hang out! Please share with anyone who needs a faster get ready process after a workout!



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