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#weightless Client Story: Lauren

This is my first client story on my #weightless series! Her story is motivating and hopefully inspires you to look at more than just the scale.

I had offered to not use Lauren's name but she encouraged me to do so. I'm going to start off with the data, then we can go deeper into her story: Lauren started at 151lbs as a 5’5” female. Over the course of 8 weeks on Body Fat Burn, she only lost 0.3 pounds in overall weight. However, she gained 3.1 pounds in muscle mass and dropped 4.8 pounds in pure body fat. She also looks way leaner and toned with this change in body composition. Her starting body fat percentage was 24.1% and after two months she was down to 20.9%. That’s a 3.2% loss in her body fat percentage!

Each week for our coaching session, I could see that Lauren was getting disappointed with her lack of weight loss. She was frustrated that the scale wasn’t tipping in a lower direction. But she was forgetting about the near 5 pounds of body fat she was losing and all of the fat burning muscle mass she was creating.

Below I took a screenshot of her side of the story on BFB. Instead of hating her body for not being as thin as some of her friends, she has learned to love her strength. She knows that she is truly in better shape and is proud to rock her bathing suit.

One of our biggest hurdles to overcome during that time was changing her focus from the scale to her body fat percentage. Once she started focusing on body composition, she felt proud of her body and the effort she had put in over the two months.

Again, I share this story and others to help you change your idea of a healthy body weight. Your total weight doesn’t give you a full picture.

Thanks for reading and send this to someone who needs to change their focus! ️


Katie Spangler

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