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Welcome to Progress

We offer group training sessions that allow you to create your strongest & healthiest body and mind possible. 

We help you love yourself and your body more than ever, expand your social network and deliver a safe and effective workout that meets or exceeds your fitness goals.

Hear from our members!

Progress member

I’m glad to have found Progress! It’s really been a welcoming environment, especially being new to town.  Everyone from trainers to members are super welcoming and nice. I love the variety of classes offered, the circuit style workouts, and I also appreciate the social events and SunSet sessions!


I’ve been doing sports and CrossFit workouts for most of my life so Progress sessions have been a great way to level up my exercise with skilled and attentive trainers.  I always leave feeling like I got everything out of a workout, everyone is super encouraging!

Review by Kate Q

inclusive fit communityjpg

I’ve always loved the idea of fitness, but could never really get into the actual fitness part! I would work out for a few months, then develop some kind of overuse injury and stop working out completely. This cycle continued until I found Progress, a gym that is inclusive, accepting, and supportive of everyone who is willing to give it a try. Other gyms will push you to work hard, but not necessarily teach you how to do that safely.  Progress helps members establish a fitness routine that emphasizes foundational skills and injury prevention.

Review by Jasmine R

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