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The BeWell Program

Ideal for those who:

  • are looking to make a change to their overall health but don't know where to start

  • have a clear health or fitness goal but don't how to achieve it

  • have tried to make improvements to overall health or to achieve a fitness goal but have been unsuccessful on your own

  • want to find balance between all of life’s obligations

  • want to feel generally happier and healthier 

Thursday, February 1st  - 

Thursday, March 21st

7 weeks total


Initial Meeting and Kick off:

Thursday, February 1st 6:30pm

Follow Up Meeting and Check in:

Thursday, February 22nd 6:30pm

Celebration and Debrief:

Thursday, March 21st 6:30pm

We have virtual options for those who cannot attend in person. Please let us know if you will be joining virtually!

The BeWell Program, led by Katie Monson and Caryn Ranney, is designed to help you achieve your fitness and health goals by considering how the different aspects of wellness affect your life. The Wellness Wheel is an illustrative model with seven dimensions: emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environmental, occupational, and spiritual. All of the dimensions are interconnected and important to a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.

How can the BeWell Program help me?


When trying to achieve health and fitness goals, we have been taught to only look at our physical wellness or actions. However, our lives do not exist in a vacuum and most of us are balancing a full life of obligations and expectations while trying to accomplish these goals. By using the Wellness Wheel, we can discover how certain aspects of your life could be creating roadblocks to your success on your fitness journey. 

What will I be doing during the program?

Initial Meeting & Kick Off

Thursday, February 1st 6:30pm

During the initial meeting, you will be guided through a self assessment process using the Wellness Wheel to explore areas of your life you would like to make improvements in and how small changes to those areas can create large improvements to your overall health and happiness. You will explore your overall satisfaction in each aspect of your wellness. Then, you will brainstorm specific actions you are interested in taking to improve each aspect. We will create micro and macro goals from this assessment. 

Followup Meeting & Check In

Thursday, February 22nd 6:30pm

After 3 weeks, we will meet again to assess your progress. During this check-in meeting, we will address any roadblocks you may have uncovered on your journey or to rethink your goals and actions altogether.

Celebration & Debrief

Thursday, March 21st 6:30pm

At the final meeting and celebration, we will honor and reflect on all your work and create a plan to help you stay on track or to take your goals to the next level.

Meetings are held in person at Progress Studio but will have a virtual option. We greatly recommend being in person but a virtual option is available if you are unable to attend for whatever reason. If you are unable to attend any meetings in person but would still like to participate, please reach out directly for more information on our completely virtual options. 

Progress Accountability Community

In addition to the three meetings listed above, you will join the Progress Accountability Community (PAC) hosted by Katie and Caryn. In this online community, you can participate in group discussions, receive motivation and tips from Katie and Caryn and find additional support on your journey. 


How do these meetings & self assessments help me?

The self assessments provided during the meetings are crucial to creating behavior change and discovering areas of improvement that may seem unrelated to achieving your goals or living a happier life. Through these moments of reflection, we can find small ways to improve your habits that could have major changes. The day to day contact in the Progress Accountability Community (PAC) will help you stay on track in between our meeting sessions. You will find support and encouragement or solutions when encountering an obstacle or challenge.

What is the investment in BodyShift?

A membership to Progress studio is NOT required to join the BeWell Program

However, information about exclusive discounts for starting or upgrading your Progress membership will be sent to you after you have registered for the BeWell Program

While you do not need to have a membership to Progress Studio to participate in the BeWell Program, discounts on the program are available to existing members

Non member

Normal Registration: $199
Early Bird Pricing before Jan 18th: $149

Essential member

Normal Registration: $165
Early Bird Pricing before Jan 18th: $124

Boost member

Normal Registration: $133
Early Bird Pricing before Jan 18th: $99

Limitless member

Normal Registration: $133
Early Bird Pricing before Jan 18th: $99


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