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We offer group training sessions that allow you to create your strongest & healthiest body and mind possible. 

We help you love yourself and your body more than ever, expand your social network and deliver a safe and effective workout that meets or exceeds your fitness goals.


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I love how positive and supportive the community feels at Progress! Even on days when my energy is low, I'm always welcomed and encouraged by the positive vibes of my classmates and it gives me the determination to push myself through the workouts.


There is a holistic attitude toward wellness and your fitness goals, and I love how sessions are not focused on weight loss or physical aspects of the body.  I feel comfortable but also challenged in the best possible way!

Review by Ashley A


I’m so grateful for Progress’s approach to fitness! For years I would try classes, gyms, trend studios, but I felt intimidated like I wasn’t good enough, so I never stuck with anything.  At Progress, everyone performs the same exercises but the trainers help adjust each movement to your own intensity level, so it feels equitable and manageable no matter your fitness ability.


I have only felt supported and included at Progress!

Review by Cece R

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