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Strength Training for Golfers

- Does muscle tightness/impingement restrict your swing?
- Do you have different types of swings as a work-around for each scenario on the course?
- Does late-round fatigue cost you valuable strokes?

Developing proper strength and stability muscles will build the endurance required for a consistent, repeatable golf swing.


Free Clinic in September, scroll down for more details!

Improve your game with Progress Studio in two ways:

Personal Training

Work 1-on-1 with a trainer in a 60 minute session focused on your exact needs

Single Session  - $90

Training 4-pack - $342

  • 12mo expiration

Training 8-pack - $648

  • 12mo expiration

Small Group Clinics

Trainers guide your 60 minute workout in a group setting


Tue Sept 6th, 8:30a

Tue Sept 13th, 8:30a

Tue Sept 20th, 8:30a

Tue Sept 27th, 8:30a


"My Strength Training for Golfers program uses functional exercises to achieve a total-body workout that will benefit your golf game, in addition to improving your overall health.
Our circuit-style workouts are open to all fitness levels, with each station designed to work a specific muscle group or movement pattern.  We modify the difficulty of each exercise via weight, speed, or positioning to get the exact intensity for your needs!"
-Matt Monson

Addressing common
issues such as:



-inconsistent contact

-stuck in the downswing

-coming over the top

-inhibited mobility

-lifting the ball

-weak grip


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