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A little about us:

Bond Bootcamps are designed to give you

an effective and uplifting workout.

These sessions will help you get physically stronger, leaner and with better endurance.

But the improvements do not stop there...

By developing a stronger or leaner body, we will also help you create more willpower, a stronger personal mindset and introduce you to our Bond Wellness community.

Because we want to hold workouts that

are both safe and effective,

all Bond Bootcamp Coaches are

certified personal trainers and group exercise instructors.

This will allow participants to trust our programming and our coaches leading the workouts.

By offering modifications for various exercises, we are able to

welcome all fitness levels!


From Katie:

Bond Bootcamp co-creater

Head Coach


"After years of helping numerous clients feel more confident in their physique and mindset,

I set out to build the Bond Bootcamp workouts

and community.

What I noticed my clients were missing from

the training and workouts options available to them:

  • Didn't know how to program workouts that helped them achieve results (wandering around the gym, trying routines trial and error style)

  • Didn't know how to create an effective nutritional plan (tried every fad diet, yo-yo dieting)

  • Wasn't addressing the real roadblocks to their success (not enough time to workout, obligations getting in the way)

  • Needed accountability and a better network to keep them on their goals (no one to share progress with, no one to workout with)  

Once I had pin-pointed these ​areas as pitfalls to success, I created the Bond Bootcamps.

By focusing on all areas of the wellness wheel, I can ensure that participants are truly getting results."

At Bond Bootcamp, we believe that exercise should make you physically, but most importantly,

mentally stronger.

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your best body and mind?

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