About Us

BOND is joining together. It is the power of electromagnetic attraction. It is parts becoming the whole.
BOND was founded at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic when Katie and Matt saw how the lack of gyms would affect much more than our physical wellness. The gym is a third place away from home and work, to relieve the body and mind. A workout must provide more than a sweat, and at BOND we provide more than a gym.
We chose a hexagonal carbon ring to represent these ideas as our foundation.
Come BOND with us!
Gym Equipments

The Workout

Every session at BOND is a unique workout experience. Our recurring themes are:
Active mobility warmup
HIIT cardio for metabolic burn and heart-health
Resistance Training of prime and supporting muscle groups, focusing on muscle growth and endurance, and fat loss
Metabolic Intensity Finisher to leave nothing on the table!

Katie Spangler

Katie has been an Ace Certified Personal Trainer since 2010.
She leads individual and group workouts, conducts coaching and consultation sessions, and oversees program implementation at BOND.
Katie's signature program is BodyShift, a 12-week guided coaching plan designed to reduce body fat and increase metabolism.
"My training relationship with clients holds them tightly accountable to their self-created goals. I'm proud to continually push them at the edge of their comfort zone to achieve results."

Matt Monson

Matt has been a Group Exercise Instructor since 2018 and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2019. He came to fitness after years of owning and managing businesses in the food industry, and being called "too skinny for a baker."
Matt primarily works on the behind-the-scenes at BOND, and also leads group and individual training sessions.
He would love for you to experience why people say "you're the most energetic person I've ever met!"